An European tour of solutions to climate change

Embark on the Twomorrow adventure: 5 months of van travel across Europe to explore
ecological solutions, all in a book released in December 2021.

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17 interviews

and 256 pages

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600g of positivity

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26 countries visited

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Printed in France


5 months to find and explain solutions to climate change

Twomorrow is a travel and magazine project designed by Célia Poncelin & Léo Primard .

From May to September, we will drive with our van to meet those who are shaping a more sustainable world, in Europe, in fields that are strategic for our society (agriculture, energy, etc.).


Our objective ?

Create a magazine highlighting the concrete solutions that exist to fight against global warming, in a positive way.

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The Twomorrow book is focused on solutions

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Throughout our interviews, Twomorrow aims to engage you in a reflection on the future of our societies: like many, we are concerned by global warming but tired of reading the depressing headlines.

Our project is therefore positive, to regain confidence in the future and find solutions.

The book is available for pre-order and delivered for Christmas 2021. 

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© Lou-Kévin Roquais

Who are we ?

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Célia and Léo, a couple who want to get involved in raising awareness of the climate emergency, educating and encouraging individual or collective actions through our magazine.


We wanted this magazine to be "homemade", by mobilizing our skills to create everything from A to Z as a duo.

Besides, why the name Twomorrow?

  • To limit global warming to 2 ° C by 2050

  • To reduce our individual carbon footprint to 2 tonnes

  • For 2 tomorrows: the one we endure, the one in which we act.

  • And incidentally, because there are 2 of us!

Do you want to share our adventure? We carry out one-hour in-company interventions to educate about climate change in a fun way.

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Contact us

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