A tour of Europe in a van 

It is all yellow, displays 198,000 km on the odometer, is 2.5m high and 5.5m long, dates from 2007, has 2 openings on the roof, 3 windows and we found it on the second hand market: here is the portrait of Eugene, our van. We set it up in a month before we left.

Our itinerary

  • 158 travel days

  • Departure from Tours on April 25 - return September 30, 2021

  • 20,339 km traveled

  • 26 countries crossed including 6 outside the European Union

  • € 9,867 spent in 5 months

  • 59 towns and villages visited

  • 1 fine in Bulgaria

  • 8 border checks including 1 vehicle search

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France - Switzerland - Austria - Slovenia - Croatia - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Montenegro - Albania - North Macedonia - Greece - Bulgaria - Serbia - Hungary - Slovakia - Poland - Latvia - Lithuania - Estonia - Sweden - Norway - Denmark - Germany - Country - Bas - Belgium - Luxembourg - France - Spain - France

Some souvenirs

Just for your viewing pleasure, here are some of our many photos. Some places have been the object of a passage, others of an overnight stay. Imagine yourself, alone at night in these places ... For more landscapes, follow us on Instagram !

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Un immense merci à tous !

Our carbon footprint

Traveling in a van is obviously more emitting than by train . But for questions of logistics, freedom and experience, we opted for this means of transport while being extremely vigilant about our footprint. In details, over 5 months, per person:

  • Transport 20,000km Diesel: 2.1t

  • Organic, local, vegetarian, seasonal food: 0.8t

  • Others (banking, utilities): 0.55t

  • IT, goods and services: 0.04t

  • Accommodation (van) without heating, with solar shower: 0.03t

  • Miscellaneous: 0.003t

  TOTAL: ≈3.5t

Over the year, this remains more than the 2 tonnes recommended by the IPCC, but still less than the average for the French (≈ 11t per year). And if we help you reduce your consumption, our addition will be even more justified.

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Our partnership with Logikko


To reduce our footprint as much as possible, we fitted an energy saver on Eugene's engine. The company Logikko makes this product: the Green Performer.

The principle ? An on-board electrolysis under the hood releases oxygen and produces hydrogen . The latter is injected directly into the engine to improve its capacities.  

We carried out global and local pollution tests before leaving for Europe, then upon return. Results :  

  • -18% of fuel consumed (therefore less CO2 emissions)

  • -37% of local pollution

Our sponsors

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Our partners

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